Riding the digital highway
Since 2001


Registered in July of 2001, this was our first home on the web.

We used Netobjects to maintain the static content.

Moved up in the world with a dynamic site using Nucleus CMS in 2004.

Today we run Textpattern CMS, have been since 2006.

Mobile-friendly responsiveness by the Bootstrap framework.

Since 2001, we've expanded, shifting content to new sites.

Our data, our alphabet soup, spiders on.


PHPCrossRef - PHP Cross Reference Library

TXP CMS - Textpattern + Bootstrap, a workframe

TXP Themes - Built upon the mobile-friendly Bootstrap framework

TXP Tags - Template Tags, the content components, the conditionals

TXP Planet - News of the flexible, elegant and easy-to-use CMS

We Love TXP - Design gallery showcasing TXP powered sites

Bert Garcia - When all you have is a keyboard


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